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How many times would you say your horse needs flatwork a week?

How many times would you say your horse needs flatwork a week?
I would always recommend flat working 3/4 of the week because everything else comes from your flatwork
Depends on your horse and what you are doing with them. I normally do 2 flatwork sessions a week, hack and go on the gallops and jump once a week😊
I own a 15yo and I do flat work twice a week and hack him 1time a week and give a day off and and jump him 2 a week and lunge him one a week. Darragh
I flatwork 2-3 times a week. But it depends on the horse. My horse gets stronger by just long trotting. Again, it depends on the horse.
It depends on the horse and whether you compete or not. As a non competitive rider who owns a 15 year old I do flatwork twice a week and then a nice relaxed hack once a week. Incorporating different things in the flatwork to keep it interesting
I suppose it depends on the individual horse and how often you ride a week. I personally only school my horse once a week at best because he is getting old and I don't want to push him too hard. When he was younger I used to only jump school at pony club and would do flatwork 2-4 a week and do a bit of hacking out. I would try and keep your flatwork sessions different and exciting so your horse doesn't get bored of doing the same stuff day in day out :)
Flat work*
For my 3 year old, she's only on flat pelt twice a week and jump once a week then she has the rest of the week off :)
How many days do u ride a week?