I'm debating with myself about wether or not I should buy gloves because I feel like it takes away the sensitivity and it constricts my hands, what should I do?

I always wear gloves because without them my hands slip more and I get covered in blisters. I tend to just use really cheap ones, I think they're called magic gloves or something but they don't really change the way the contact feels through the reins
I always ride in gloves and found that my reins slip more without them! Would be covered in blisters too without them. Definitely save up and buy a brand that will last and give more comfort though. If you're worried about losing the feel, find a pair that are a thinner leather so closer contact. Also make sure you try them on and a good idea would be to pick up a pair of reins in the tack shop where you're trying your gloves to see how they feel :)
the study was called "Do gloves have an impact on rein tension?" by Hayley Randle from Duchy College
They found that riders with gloves have the equivalent of around a pound less tension on the reins than without gloves. Also the type of rein apparently makes a difference, rubber reins tempted riders to pull a lot harder, followed by leather reins. The least average tension people had with continental webbing reins.
@juniengel do you remember the name of the study? Would really like to take a look!
Unfortunately I don't find the link, but there's been a study in the UK that found riders wearing gloves actually gave softer aids than without them.
You should try first in a tack shop but you should try thin gloves first like Roeckl, they are a little expensive but really good and you don't loose the sensitivity! Then you should try the right size, if they are to small yes, they will constrict your hands. Too big, you will loose the sensitivity.
It is really important to get gloves that do not cause a loss of sensitivity and that at the same time protects you against that hateful blisters. An advise: use Roeckl gloves, they have a really good quality. Nowadays, people tend to wear gloves for fashion more than anything and that's just nonsense.
Personally I love riding with gloves but it's a matter of preference. In some disciplines I believe it is expected that you ride in gloves so it may be useful to have a schooling pair so you can get used to wearing them if you know you'll have to compete with them. Otherwise, why not buy a cheap pair of track gloves and try them out?
I hated wearing gloves but had to get a pair for an exam. I got the tredstep real feel and I could not ride without them they are amazing
If you get nice comfortable gloves and ride in them lots you'll get used to them! :)
I always wear gloves when leading a horse of safety reasons.
I love using gloves just because I ride strong horses and when I don't I get blisters, it's my opinion.
If you like not having gloves on and you like the feeling of your reins, I'd say still buy a pair but not use them as often. If it's cold out or there's a show, wear them.
Since getting my current horse 6/7 years ago I have always worn gloves because he pulls on the reins and it gets quite painful and also find that if I don't have them my hands sort of stick to the rubber reins so they can't be supple but I think it is a matter of preference
You have to try what suits you best. In the begeinning I never wore gloves and now I can't ride without them. It is only a question of habitude and concerning your worry about losing the sensitivity - I don't think so. :-)
Personally I don't wear gloves because I feel like the reins slip but I have a pair in case I get a horse that pulls on the reins a lot to prevent blisters.
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