Im worried about my horse's health. He has a nasty cough and runny nose. His coat is dull and patchy. In places it's scabbing/balding. Is a vet too hasty? Any advice

That's a good sign :) Hopefully it isn't anything too serious and he makes a full recovery soon! My horse coughs a lot in spring/summer due to his fly and pollen allergies
The snot was kinda clear or slightly cloudy. Other than that he was still himself. I'll rug him tonight and call a vet in the morning, thanks!
I would personally call a vet asap if he isn't looking well! Is the mucus coming out of his nose coloured or cloudy in anyway as that could be a sign it could be a serious problem? Also lack of condition in the coat can be a sign he is suffering, I would get a vet just to make sure and rule out any diseases and it will give you peace of mind
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