My horse doesn't really react to my leg pressure and weight in turning and trying to use my seat realther than use the bit to turn. How do i get him to listen to leg directions?

... you will get him to listen to your leg and weight changes in turning. Hope that helps!
I make wide and smaller circles when that happens. First you have to keep a calm canter and pull on and off the bit really suttle, making sure he's paying attention. Then you should try to surprise him with a turn like those onces when he understood what you wanted. Do it where he doesn't expect to turn so he stays focused on you. Repeating this
That's something that takes time but you have to try leg yielding and shoulder ins and that kind of stuff.
He's a really forward going horse and i have to hole him back at the trot and canter it's not his speed it's his desensitisation to my leg pressure and weight balance in turning
Maybe you should put more pressure on the horse because otherwise it's going to get lazy and won't wanna move so try that
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