How are some ways to really make your horse use your corners better at shows? And how can you make the rider keep them Using the ring (mainly not cutting corners)?

To get better use of corners you can do a really good exercise at home. When traveling round if you feel your horse is cutting or rushing around the corner then turn and really make them move into the corners. You can watch a master class with Scott Brash on YouTube were he uses this exercise on one of his horses! Just search master class 5 Scott Brash. Hope this helps!😊
Leg pressure, inside and outside reins and when you are training use a pole or anything where you want to have the corner and go around it (if you understand)
Much more leg and your body maybe some inside rein
I'd use a lot more leg in shows
I use a lot of leg pressure like for example squeezing on and off and then try and push him over with the inside rein that has also helped
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