What is the best way to stop my horse from running out after cantering?

Try doing lots of different transitions out of canter so he gets used to stopping and slowing down straight away. That should help his trot after. Good luck 😊 Don't worry if it takes a while to fix 😊
I would say that sitting straight, keeping your heels down and distribute your weight to the right places would make a great starting point. Keep your horse occupied by doing different exercises. Try to keep him/her as focused as possible on the exercises you are executing. You can also try canter poles or cavalettis. Arrange them in a way that makes the horse "forced" to be focused :)
Also, don't forget half halts :) The second you feel the horse getting stronger; do a half halt! You could also do this while riding in circles (I don't know if that's what it's called in English😅)
Hope this will help you somehow!😊
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