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Opinion on horses staying outside 24/7?

Opinion on horses staying outside 24/7?
As long as they have a good paddock and is safe
I think it's great as long as they have shelter sheets blankets etc. I watch extra carefully when it's muddy so they don't slip or do anything dumb. I will also recommend fly predators for the summer so the bugs are not very bad
I think it's perfectly fine, all my horses stay outside all the time.
My horse is out 24/7 and she's much happier. But she definitely wears her blankets in the rain snow and windy days!!
not the safest option, personally i think they should be outside as much as possible but not when there is too much snow or a storm
It's perfectly fine to leave your horse out 24/7. If it's cold and windy I would recommend a wind breaker so they are not shivering out there. If it's very hot it's good for them to stay outside but to make sure they have a water sorce at all times and some shade :)
I leave my horse out 24/7 all year round but they have shelters with fans for when it gets too hot (never drops below 10oc). I just keep managing his weight and giving him more hay when needed
As long as your horse can cope with the weather (winter) and have access to water, shelter and hay if the grass isn't great. I think it's great to have them out! My warmblood is out 24/7 from May to start of October and he loves it. We also have some horses on the yard who are out 24/7 and it's great for them especially the older horses really good for their bodies to have the room to move and not get as stiff.
It is better and more natural for horses to be outside. Mine are out 24/7 without rugs summer and winter with access to a feed shelter at all times. They are only rugged in winter if it is especially cold or it snows and my cob has a fly rug on in summer.
KEeping your horse in a paddock or pasture is great for them, especially energetic horses as it gives them room to be a horse and use some energy. It's more natural to them than being in a stall, but it's a personal choice :)
Much better for the horse's health and gives a much better muscling. It also prevent horses getting bad habits. I don't see any cons for having the horse outside 24/7 if it has a shelter. Especially my Icelandic horses.
I try to leave mine out as much as possible preferably without a rug. They seem to be happier interacting and stretching for themselves. Keeps the stalls cleaner as well.
I think its good for the horses, its more natural for them, than staying inside most og the time :) In the winter they will be in at night ofc ;)