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Tips on bitting hard horses? Have a mare who hates the bit, I tried honey and peppermint on it already.

Tips on bitting hard horses? Have a mare who hates the bit, I tried honey and peppermint on it already.
Yeah sure let's just try to get on an unbroken 4 yr old without a bit and see how that goes 🙄 Shes not an old plodder that's been ridden quietly for years.
Get rid of the bit! It's natural the horses wouldn't want big pieces of metal jammed in their mouths, try riding in a bit-less bridle.
I have rollers on my bit and my horse loves it.
If she doesn't like metal have two options. First trying with sweet iron bits, I had a great experience with them, specially the ones from TRUST.
Another option is to put her a Nathe bit, some horses just don't like the iron and the "happy mouth" ones are really an option to take into account.
However, all these problems should be observed when riding. These kind of horses just don't accept the iron and they tend to open the mouth and move the head a lot. Maybe it is just a matter of educating the end she is only 4 yo, be patient :)
You can get 'flavoured' bits that taste sweeter and less metal-like, which some horses might prefer
Try a softer bit, if this doesn't work use sweet iron. One of my friends horses she lets me ride always reaches for his sweet iron bit because he loves the taste so much.
Try a softer bit and put your hand in between their ears when you put the bridle on so that they can't put their heads all the way up
You can get plastic covered metal bits which lots of horses prefer and they come in different snaffles and type. I think a happy mouth? Is a type with plastic?
What about learning her to open her mouth on command? And maybe give her some treats when she does it.
Also her teeth are fine, she's only 4 and has had everything checked out. I won't be starting her out bitless as she's pretty strong as it is. She's a cheeky little pony but there's no badness in her just a dislike of a metal bit. It's also just a snaffle not anything harsh.
Yeah she's a saint when you get it in. No problem lunging or driving. She's only getting tied up now for about 2 weeks but each time putting a bit in is harder and harder. It's not fear of the bit it's pure cheeky pony.
I use to give my youngsters oats with the bit on. Then they learn faster to place it in their mouth and they kind of forgets that it's uncomfortable.

Have you checked her teeth? Horses who has problems with their teeth is often hard to bit.

Then just take the time! Work from the ground and make the horse relax in the jaw. Massage the bit in the mouth until the horse learn to relax in the jaw. Then you can start to back the horse while massaging the bit in the horse's mouth, until the horse relaxes in the neck. Then you can go forward as a reward.
You could maybe try a bitless bridle for a bit so she gets accustomed to accepting the bridle and then try her with a bit gradually until she gets used to it?
She swings her head and tries to pull away from the bridle. Need to use a bit as she's being trained to be ridden and no one will but her if she's not accustomed to being tacked and ridden out.
What does she do when you go to bridle her?
Why use a bit if your horse hates it?