What do some of your flatwork lessons/riding consist of and how long and often and what excerises?

My horse has just come back into work after his break from being backed so we are just doing 30-40 mins everyday/ every other day of basic transitions, basic lateral work, counter flexing and getting his hind end working all for straightness and balance 😊
Hey Zoe😊 My flat work lessons or training days normally last around 1 hour / 1.5 hours including 15 minutes warm up and cool down. The exercises we do depends on what we are focusing on for example if I am working on my seat, balance or position we might do some no stirrups work, then for my horses pace,softness and volume in work we will do some pole work. One thing I always work on is my horses bending around the leg therefore I do a lot of figure of 8 workouts. Hope this helps! 😊
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