Which bell boots/ overreach boots are better? Rubber or neoprene?

Neoprene are my personal favorites
I generally use the rubber ones at home and when doing cross country and the neoprene ones when show jumping or warming up or dressage, I find the neoprene sit better but if you ride them in long grass or through other plants the seeds will stick into them so I use the rubber more because of that, most of the time rubber are cheaper. Overall I prefer the neoprene but that's my personal choice. Hope this helps
Neoprene ☺️👌
I prefer the rubber ones. They don't sit as tight as the neoprene ones and do not absorb as much water and dirt (which causes heavier boots).
I find the rubber ones (somehow even the Velcro ones) tend to over turn alot so I prefer the neoprene if I'm doing something like cross country. For flat work and that sort of work I use the rubber. Hope this helps!
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