If you could ride any famous horse who would it be and why?😱🐴

My pick would be Showjumpers Richie Rich or Hello Mr President😊

Secrétariat ou Bucéphale.
All Star 5 , Molly Malone , Chiara , Flora De Mariposa , Creedance , HH Azure , Hello Zanctos , because why wouldn't I ?
Big Star, Zenith, Hector van d'Abdijhoeve, Brainpower 🌈
If its a horse in a movie I pick FLICKA!
Big star ⭐🌟
Valegro 🙏🏼
Definitely Valegro
Valegro all the way!
HH Lets fly
I would have to pick Cortes C!
Probably Lethal Lena cause he's my girls great grandadfy
Valegro any day!!!
If Snowman was still alive, I would pick him cause he is so loyal and brave, but I'll pick Cortes C because by the videos I've looked at, he looks so comfortable to ride! Also Valegro!
Classic goldrush, Alicia Burtons horse in Australia
Parzival or Charisma!
Wow that's difficult, so many horses in mind! Hahahaa but I was crazy about a special one that is not competing anymore, but I know that everyone will remember him: Cumano, ridden by Jos Lansink! ❤❤❤❤ such a powerfull scopey horse
Cornet Obolensky 😍 !!!!
Mine would defiantly be the hunter Catch Me, ridden by scott Stewart. He was horse of the year last year and is just beautiful to watch!
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