how do you plane the work of the horse during the week ? How many times harder work (like flatwork/jumping) and light (just walk and trot in the forest)?

I usually base my workouts on each individual horse i ride. But usually i do 2-3 days of "harder" flat-work. I work on transitions, circles, serpentine, lead changes (if my horse is still green with them), collection, collected in the corners then moving out in the long sides of the arena, etc. Then i usually jump twice a week. Once over nothing higher than 3' and working on consistency and spots. Then once a week i jump higher courses (anything over 3') and work on the horses picking up their feet, etc. its also good to do just a light 20 min hack 1-2 a week to let the horse not always see your rides as work. Obviously just base your workouts on whatever fits your schedule!
I base this on my next competition so if I am jumping on a Saturday I will plan for that therefore I will flat work Monday, gallops Tuesday, jumping Wednesday and light flat work& hack on Friday then show Saturday and day off Sunday but this all changes on what I am aiming towards😊
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