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Best jumping boots for horses?

Best jumping boots for horses?
some of my favorites include the equifit d-teq boots (front/hind), veredus, eskadrons, & zandonas. i have had the chance to use them all, and although expensive, the equifits are by far, my favorites. eskadrons are so so amazing too, and the bonus is that they are on the cheaper side, but still carry great quality!
I love the Zandona brand ones, great quality for the price, probably better than Veredus.
I like the veredus boots but really any boots will do the job so you don't have to worry about spending the money on the name brand ones!
Veredus boots which are more of the pricey side. But I also like Kentucky boots, they are a bit cheaper and the eskadron are really good boots too and they are the cheapest
Wolf wear, kentar or Kentucky boots are all what I use and all very nice boots but both kentar and Kentucky are rather pricey, wolf wear is the cheapest one out of the three but still really good quality