What's people's thoughts on the ps of Sweden bridles ? Are they worth the money and how does the high jump differ from the fair fax drop nose band and micklem ?

I prefer the micklem instead. Much better leather quality and a more anatomical noseband if you compare to many of PS's bridles. I think PS of Sweden is bad quality (for the price) and overrated.
Great thanks so much mines in a micklem atm, soft in the mouth and not too strong. Was interested in looking at different bridles for flat and jump x
I absolutely love the ps of sweden bridles. I have the high jump revolution for horses who are quite strong as is quite strong and puts pressure on the nose. I have the jump off for horse who are strong but don't like strong bits. I also have the cameleon wide revolution for all my other horse who have a soft mouth and for flat work I absolutely love Olympic revolution. They are fantastic bridles and are really worth the money. The micklem bridle is a bit different it is a strong bridle, I have a horse that is an amazing jumper but he's scared of everything, and then he starts to run towards the jump so it's a good bridle for a horse which has a soft mouth but once in a while runs
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