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How many times a week do people jump and do flatwork?

How many times a week do people jump and do flatwork?
I ride many different horses each week but with my guys i usually flat 3-4 times a week then jump twice. i usually only jump higher courses (3'3 and higher) only once a week then give them a really good rub down after to preserve their legs.
I usually do flat work 3-4 times a week, jump 1-2 times (if I jump 2 times, one of the times is just ground poles or cavalettis), lunge 1-2 times and hack 1-2 times.
With my young horses, I jump once a week and alternating it every week, jumping big on and then next not so big or a course one week and a grid the next. And I flat work them 3 times a week as they lunge and hack once a week too. But for my Grand Prix horses depending if I go to a show or not if I don't go to a show I jump them twice a week, once small and the other big. And flatwork them twice a week.
I will normally have one Jumping session a week and 2/3 flat work sessions but I might have a light jump at the end of a flat work session but nothing too much.
I flatwork 4 times a week, jump 1 time and go for a hack once a week this is for y showjumper and eventer, for my dressage and show horses I flatwork 5 times a week and flatwork with trot poles and cavaletties once a week
I do flat work 3 times a week, ride out 1 time and jump one time a week
2 to 3 for jumping per horse (I own 3 and ride 2 more on the side ) and then I flat 3 times and Sunday is a day off or trail ride I jump at 3-3.6 1 day and the rest is like 2.9 and below
I usually jump once a week and do flatwork the rest. I also give my horse one day off a week :)
Usually I jump 3 times a week and flat every other day except sundays and mondays🙂