Has anybody sprained their ankle? How did you rehabilitate it to be able to ride?

I recommend some kinesiology tape, and gentle exercises and don't try to do too much too soon! it took me ages before I could ride properly again 😔
I got a back on track ankle brace and it has worked well on reducing the swelling and giving support, but now i have a problem where i put too much weight on my healthy leg and it affects my seat. So not too much help but peer support from here!
Yeah I have a brace on it, it's been 4 weeks since the injury and I can walk on it, I just want to strengthen it abit more before I get back in the saddle
Sprained ankles are the worst :/ however, you can get braces and strapping tape to 'brace and protect' it. Just taking it easy, perhaps just do gentle exercises :)
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