How do you know when you are ready to move up a grade? Going from 1m to 1.10m in showjumping....

Give youself points for every clear round, eks 15 points for clear round,10 points for4-8 faults. 5 for 8-12 faults. 3 for 12- more. And -10 points , if you ELI. Reach 40 points before you moce up. Rember to dont push youself to hard up a grade. You fall faster down if you jump to high then if you take one step at the time :)
Be confident jumping 1.10m and higher easily at home
Hey Brittany the way I look at it is if you are getting double clears, good results and being consistent in the 1M tracks then I would say try the 1.10 but also don't rush into it try and qualify for all of the 1M events or championships. Maybe next time your competing maybe enter the 1.10 and see how you get on? Good luck👍🏻
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