Hi to all our Horsealot riders! We are gathering feedback regarding your experience with our notifications (push, internal and email), what are the most important ones to you and do you feel like you are receiving too many?

I get way to many emails, I like they emails when people answer my questions and when famous riders are going to answer questions but emails that are send to tell me that someone answered a question I followed get annoying .
I don't like getting notifications about other people answering questions that I follow even when I haven't favorited them
I'm happy but can we make it so that we can just double tap to like a photo
I find the emails are too much but push and internal notifications are good :)
I allowed notifications but I don't get any.
I hate that I get a email every single time I get a notification. I've been deleting emails from you 5 times a day. So if you can stop doing that and instead just have push notifications I'll be great 👌🏼
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