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I'm inconsistent in seeing distances. Any tips? Thanks!

I'm inconsistent in seeing distances. Any tips? Thanks!
Count your strides and keep your rhythm consistent, you can't see a distance if your horses stride is changing
Start just doing lots of crossbars with a ground pole and developing a nice strong forward canter sitting up and counting, remember to sit up and wait for the jump !
Counting is definitely the biggest tip I could give! Count out with the horses stride like 1..2 with the beat of the canter then you'll be able to see that spot a lot easier!
Hi! It's all about canter. My advice is 3/5 poles (3m or 3,5 going straight; 2,7 turning). The goal is to learn to feel the quality canter all the time, at the beginning with poles help and then without. You can also build a course just with these poles. I found this kind of exercise very helpful
Hey! Have you tried some pole exercises? Canter poles and grids? This might help you? Also play around with your horses canter into the jumps try lengthening and shorting them. Sometimes the less you focus on it the better it gets and feels more natural. Hope this helps & good luck 😊