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Tips for horses that don't respond to leg??

Tips for horses that don't respond to leg??
Try lot so of leg yielding, getting him to move off your leg. If they won't move of your leg carry a dressage whip or a long stick if you don't own one and tap at the same time as your leg, if no reaction then smack and kick. If they even take a slight step, pat and reward. Also lots of transitions 4 steps walk, 6 steps trot or halt and 4 steps walk, the same number of steps will make him listen and anticipate your leg. Also maybe try shoulder in a counter shoulder in on a cirle to get him to listen to your aids
Try voice commands to see if you get any sort of response and if you ride with a whip, sometimes holding it like a sword can help
Repeat lots of transitions to teach him to focus on your leg aids when they are given 😊
put your leg on and if he doesn't respond then give him a tap with the whip (not harshly just enough to get him ti move of it), then if your horse listens take of the leg and give him a pat. Always reward your horse for doing something right. If you continuosly do this, they will start to know that if they don't listen to the leg they get the whip.
Also spurs really help.
Use the leg as sensitive as you want to. If your horse don't listen to it you use the whip. Then the horse learns if it don't listen to the leg the whip will come.

You don't actually need to hit the horse. When I school my young horses to respond to the leg I always have someone going behind me (inside behind, in a position where the person is safe) with the lunging whip. Because they know that they should respond to it. So when the horse don't respond to my leg (remember; as sensitive as I want it to be) the lunging whip will come (not on the horse, but just make sound).
More leg! I have a horse that is horrible with leg and I have to use SO MUCH leg! I also tried use a harder bit but that was not good because I just ended up relying on the bit to much and that's not riding! Keep working with her. You might have to really kick her but you should work harder with your leg then cutting corners and using stronger stuff like bit, shanks, crops and what not! Good luck
Ao mesmo tempo que colocar a perna, estimule-o com o chicotinho, em pouco tempo ele irá começar a associar. Mas existem cavalos que são mais dificeis mesmo
try a crop at first and if still nothing than try a small spur.
Once you determine that there is nothing physicallly wrong, I would start using a dressage whip just to aid with keeping the horse in front of your leg. Don't use a spur until your horse is more responsive to your leg. Hope this helps :))
Use a little spur and cluck to them
There is lots of methods for this. Make sure they are completely sound especially with there feet. Give them first a voice cue if they don't listen give a slight squeeze if they don't listen quick then if they don't listen tickle them with a dressage whip or slight action of Spurs. Always do this so they work of light leg contact rather you nagging and nagging☺️