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What is pulmonary emphysema?

What is pulmonary emphysema?
Hi Megan,
Also known as recurrent airway obstruction, emphysema is a syndrome found in horses as well as in ponies and even donkeys. It’s characterized by breathing difficulties, with or without production of mucus and oversized lungs. Mucus can accumulate inside the lungs or be exteriorized as a jet.
Horses can become sick due to infectious or allergic inflammation in the horse, mucus that accumulates in the lungs, will form films in the bronchi of the horses that retract and dilate. These films will then foam with the passage of air and dry in places.
Emphysema is an incurable disease. In acute episodes, veterinary treatment is essential and each crisis aggravates the situation. The horse must be avoided from dust, anymore pasture and a horse in a stable.
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