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How long are your horses turned out in a field?

How long are your horses turned out in a field?
At the moment mine is turned out around 9:00am until 6:00pm, no matter what the weather is like on the day. Sometimes I bring her in earlier if I plan to ride.
The longer a horse is out, doing his own thing, being a horse, he will be happier, providing he has the choice to go in a shelter if he is kept out 24/7.
I plan to keep my horse out 24/7 when it becomes available. She loves to be out with her buddies and I'd much rather her to be having fun outside rather than being stuck in a stable for the night :)
All year round but he's covered
In my own opinion the longer the better I know other people have different opinions but sometimes a horse just needs to be a horse
My horse is out all day of it is nice but if it is cold or snowy probably an hour. I try to get mine out all the time so he has less energy.
24/7. My mini goes on a dry lot overnight but he's a typical fat pony so bit of a different case 😊
Mine r turned out 24/7
Mine is turned out at about 7/8 A.M and turned in at about 4:30 P.M for our ride. He sleeps in the stall. I turn him out with a summer rug (it's warm and dry where I live) and there is a roof shelter on his paddock.
My horse usually will be turned out for 4-5 hours. :)
Mine are out 24/7 with access to a field shelter, rugged in snowy/ cold conditions and have fly sheets in summer when needed