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How does everyone feel about thoroughbreds? Their attitudes, training, personality, etc.. Comment and let me know!

How does everyone feel about thoroughbreds? Their attitudes, training, personality, etc.. Comment and let me know!
Love my TB! Amazing work ethic, super scopy and would go for days if you asked him to! Awesome event horse! 😍 Stunning dressage too
i have one my self, he never raced and he is extremely smart, has the perfect amount of energy (for me) and has a very lovable, dorky personality! However i have ridden ottb's whom i did not like because they were a bit too energetic and i could not get them to slow down 😅
I have an OTTB. He is very smart, quiet and dedicated in his work! If he had lots of energy he used to be a bit naughty, but with age he quieted down! Thoroughbreds are usually very spirited and sometimes spooky, so you have to be careful (as with all horses). However they are generally fragile health wise.
My horse is an ex-racer ( raced for almost 4 years) and is the most wonderful and quiet pony club mount, very easy to train and laid back in every environment (i think its because hes seen so much already). Very bold on xc and oozes confidence, 100% made me a better rider. Love them!
Thank you all so much for answering!❤
Thoroughbreds are great horses!
they are beautiful, energetic and very smart, i have a 7 year old who taught himself flying lead changes!
I personally love mine, however they aren't for everyone
I love my little 15.1 tb, super quick and brave - he's only young (5) but already proving to be virtually unbeatable in a jump-off. He also has a fantastic jump so I'm super excited about his future! He was a very bad racehorse and was known for flipping backwards out of the start gates, but he obviously likes his new career! He's so quiet I teach young beginners on him and has been to pony club with a little girl on the lead rein, towering over all the other little lead rein ponies lol
I used to own a tb and he was lovely. Very sweet temperaments and they should be treated like normal horses! Mine was very calm and all the dressage judges loved him!
Just love thoroughbreds, they have great attitudes and are easy to train because they are such quick learners, how every they are all interesting characters. All my thoroughbreds are ex racers and have been amazing to deal woth
I love my thoroughbred. He is quirky and does have a very sensitive personality sometimes. I absolutely love his work ethic and how athletic he is
Love my thoroughbred mare awesome attitude, super brave and kind to both people and my other horses. Only concern is I find it hard to keep muscle on her😊