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Does anyone have a trick to get a white tail WHITE? (Getting desperate because none of the shampoos I bought work😂)

Does anyone have a trick to get a white tail WHITE? (Getting desperate because none of the shampoos I bought work😂)
Roberts & Anderson Equestrian aka horsecleaning 😉
Combine purple shampoo, a splash of white vinegar, and water in a bucket. Hold it and soak tail for a few minutes, then rinse out! Works well quickly.
Use shampoo on a dry tail for best effect
I'm a hairdresser, use purple/blue if tail is yellow, only use tomato sauce if its green or will have no effect. If the shampoos aren't working a level 10 purple dye will work
Wash with some purple shampoo but leave on for a day or so, then rinse and re-wash with purple shampoo again. Hope that helps, otherwise there's a brand called Platinum Pony that sells extremely effective whiteners. Only thing is I'm not sure if they deliver world wide (they're Australian)
Really wierd but try ketchup;)
I use NAF Muck Off spray. I spray it directly onto the tail along with some conditioner when it is wet. I then comb it, spray some more, and then rinse it all out. It really works with my white horse's tail.
Ah thanks, never heard of that before!
I use freshly squeezed lemon juice, just wash tail, rinse, apply lemon juice and let it soak for 10mins and then rinse it out. Worked like a dream for me!
I've never tried it but I've heard that ketchup works good. It's probably worth a try :)
Pack a bunch of baby powder directly onto the tail
Glow white and champion tails
I have heard ketchup works
I always used Ecover washing up liquid, worked really well :)
I've heard tomato sauce or dish soap work really well.
I personally swear by Sunlight soap...I have also heard great things about Bee Kind 'Naturally White' soap wash for horses and hounds (a New Zealand company).
"Shampoo" with ash, then regular shampoo or purple shampoo (better), rinse. Repeat for the next few days until desired color is achieved.

Never tried buy they say it works: ketchup as a pre-wash, let soak for no longer than 15 mins unless you are a fond of pink-hue tails, rinse, shampoo, rinse. Repeat for the next few days.

Maintain by only spraying detangling products , do not brush unless you want a tail-less horse and of course, give it a wash once a week or so.
Apparently tomato sauce helps?
Apparently tomato sauce works really well, I'm not sure how or why it works, I've never tried it myself, other than that purple shampoo works really well