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Do you havne any tips to get a horse up to canter without trotting faster and loosing control ?

Do you havne any tips to get a horse up to canter without trotting faster and loosing control ?
My horse would do that sometimes. Give her her neck and lean forward. Applying pressure with your legs helps greatly and so does making a kissing sound. If she knows voice commands, use those too. Hope this helped x
You can't rush into a canter. You have to pull her back make her trot slower and then make It very clear for her that you want her to canter as you give her the canter signal you also pull her back a bit so she can't rush into canter. I don't like the idea to use whips or Spurs because if you can't get your horse to canter without these stuff then we have something to work with.
like what katie said your leg might be to forward bring it behind your girth on your outside leg
Really exaggerate the outside leg going back so she know you want her to do something different than trot
Transitions from the walk to canter always help me with this. If she still doesn't pick up her canter bring her back down to a walk and try it over again. I would also suggest that next time as you are cantering praise her and tell her she's doing it right. Hope this helps!
If she does it again slow her down so she doesn't rush into it, when you slow the trot down to where you want it I would ask again. Putting her into a circle and trying to canter may help also
Perhaps wear spurs? Or carry a whip
Try lot so of transition even from the very basics, 6 steps walk and then halt over and over again then progress to 8 steps trot and 4 steps walk over and over again and this should get the horse listening to your hand and leg aids. Also try bigger trot then smaller trot and same in the walk, bigger walk and smeller walk. Then one you perfect all this, ask for canter and if she picks it up, reward her by letting her walk on a loose rein and giving her a pat, then try canter transition, trot to canter, and downwards. trot to canter. The more transitions you do the better the horse will be at listening to your aids
I wouldn't try from the walk. If your horse knows how to do it usually means that he is not respecting your aids or you don't ask him correctly, try to come a little bit stronger with your seat and your legs. If he is not answering you should correct him.
Half halt and over exaggerate your aids or try asking from the walk and not the trot
Thank you very much! I'll try that!
Half halt her before asking her give her lots of preparation aids😊