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Any tips for keeping a horse calm and not bolting on a trail?

Any tips for keeping a horse calm and not bolting on a trail?
Constant work keeps their mind focused on you rather than the scary monster leaves around them. For example, I usually ask my horse to back up, circle, flex their neck, stand and do a lot of transitions when out and about.
Desensitisation and lots of ground work will ensure he will be braver on a trail and more respectful of you and your cues. If a horse does not respect his rider, he will bolt without thinking of your say in his actions. That being said, bolting isn't a 'naughty' behaviour, but you need to ensure that he knows you are a LEADER rather than his boss. He needs to realise that you are there to protect him and that you will direct him the right way away from danger, as the herd leader would do.
Staying calm yourself helps a bunch, especially since horses do take confidence from their riders. If you're nervous, he'll be nervous. If you're fine, he'll be fine!
Hope this helps! :-)
continue to bend and release them bend the other way and release and continue this only around scary places and when their calmer give her/him loose rein to show that he/she was good
Do lots of desensitizing before you go on the trails so your horse can be used to it. Also try to be as calm as possible so your horse won't get any more stressed.👍
Yes! Pet them and keep yourself calm, if you are nervous, they will sense it and get nervous too. Also, if you talk or even sing a song to them it works really well so they know that you are there and aware!