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What is everyone Favorite breed?

What is everyone Favorite breed?
TB X Warmblood for Eventing!!👍🏼
Quarter horse and Paints!
Cobs in general, although Gypsy Cobs are my personal favourite! I've always had a soft spot for cobs, so I was over the moon when I received one of my own! :D
Standardbreds, QH, friesians
Arabians :)
Clydesdales and friesians & gypsy cobs
Australian Stockhorses because they are so versatile 😍
Thoroughbred but maybe I'm biased to mine 😂💖 I love QH also
Thoroughbreds 💗
Quarter horse☺️
I love Friesans and quarter horses
I love any giant draft cross. And I like cobs.
I have a gorgeous thoroughbred so I am a big fan of that breed as they are so misunderstood and beautiful horses. I also LOVE warmbloods and friesans
I like Appaloosas because they're so pretty and I love they're personality.