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Any tips for collection? My horse does great at the canter but not at the trot. Any tips? Thanks:)

Any tips for collection? My horse does great at the canter but not at the trot. Any tips? Thanks:)
@maddieomeara thank you so much! I think I will see how that goes tomorrow when I ride. Thanks for the tip💚
Are you changing your contact at all in the trot compared to the canter? Maybe see if the weight and feel in your room hands is the same and if it isn't, try to get the same contact on his mouth in the trot that you're getting in the canter?
wow sorry that was very long!! But it really does help and it will get him collected, have great footing and will work his top line! Hope I helped some!
You can try Long and Low. Give your horse almost all of your rein, and then spread your hands out as much as you can.
Then you want to pretend that your reins are like sticks that are connected to the bit ok. And you want to think 'push his head down and face out.'
You do this by adding a lot of leg, while using your back so your horse doesn't speed up(so like a half halt) and wiggling your fingers.
Your horse will bring his head out infront of him and lower it.
If he gives into it give him his head and let him relax acouple steps.
This pushes his center of gravity forward to where it should be. So he may trip acouple times until he gets used to it and you have to be confident because if you aren't he won't trust the gravity.
Start this at a walk and then move up to a trot.
The point of long and low is to get his head far out and low enough that his nose is below his knees.
Once he gets his nose below his knees you can begin to shorten just your outside rein.
Place your shortened outside rein on his withers and let the longer rein hang loose.
Do this both ways, remember it's the outside rein you keep short.
After doing this shorten both reins but not all the way, just acouple inches at a time until eventually he is nice &collected at the length of rein you like.
This also helps w/his footing, he will pick his feet up more and bring his back hoofs up and under and farther than his front hoofs which is what you want(it's different than over stepping)