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Do you prefer your horse to wear shoes or be unshod?

Do you prefer your horse to wear shoes or be unshod?
I prefer to have my horses comfortable now and sound in the long term. Someimtimes shoes and sometimes without. It’s important that their feet are maintained by a great at all times.
Unshod because you are inviting unwanted bacteria into your horses hoof where the nails are but if your horse 'needs' them go for it.
Depends on what you're going to do with the horse and how good the horse's feet are.
In winter or spring, no shoes when it's summer and high competition and traveling I shoe her.
Mine only have shoes for his navicular, otherwise barefoot.
I wanted to unshoe mine but all the farriers here say his sole is too thin and he wouldn't adapt.
My horse was unshod before I got him, but due to the rocky dry conditions where I live he had to get shoes because his hooves were too dry/cracked and they were brittle. But it depends on the horse :)
Unshod :)
My mare is unshod 😋 I was thinking Of putting shoes on her because where I keep her, the ground is very rocky and hard but she has gotten use to the surface. I did have one horse about a year ago that had front shoes to level her out 👌 Definitely personal preference on this one ☺️
Mine are unshod 😊