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Opinions on spurs and strong bits?

Opinions on spurs and strong bits?
They are both quite unesessary and before using spurs or changing to a stronger bit try figuring out what's really going on before throwing on something that can be making the situation much worse. What really helped me was going to a horsemanship clinic.
I dont agree with eather one of these tbh
I don't agree with spurs or strong bits personally, I know for some horses they may be necessary but I've ridden quite a few horses and have never used spurs and have always ridden my own horses in snaffles
Don't like strong bits, cause they definitely hurt the horse. Spurs can be fine if used in the right way (applying the right amount of pressure instead of just kicking your horse like a crazy person)
I wouldn't use them. The horse needs to trust you and that's not a good way to gain their trust and will cause them a lot of pain. Spurs are like someone taking something and hitting you in the side multiple times and that would definitely hurt. Bits pull are in the horses mouth and a really strong one would cause a lot of pain.
I'm sure somebody has already touched off this already in the comments but, I feel that a horse should be ridden in the bit that suits him/her and not a bit that the rider desires because it looks sophisticated. Using a bit that is too sever in any horses mouth will cause damage and will sour the horse. Just my thoughts :)
If you feel you need spurs please be wise in your choice, a well rounded spur head or roller spurs are possibly a good choice. I don't ride with them myself but I've read up on them
I use a Pelham 5.5 inch, to make it a strong bit there is a chain but I don't use the chain I only use the rubber bit, I also have tiny flat spurs so he'd never feel them and he co operates so well, I used a snaffle on him and couldn't control him but the Pelham is a heavier bit in the mouth so if I pull it just wakes him up a bit and he listens. Spurs don't go mad on them get rollers or flats
Personally, I disagree with the use of spurs and strong bits. Although they are known to enhance the aids, the horse only enhances his movement as a result of the use of spurs and strong bits due to the fact that the pressure he feels is more severe and even painful, so he does the movements/actions asked of him in the hope that the pressure is released from either his side (from the spur) or his mouth (the severe bit).
Bits and spurs are not needed to make a horse co-operate with what the rider asks of him. As a result of good horsemanship, a horse should willingly accept your natural aids without the need for a bit or spurs. If they don't, it's down to the rider's fault of lack of preparation, training of the horse, etc.
Well, that's my opinion!
👎. However if you are knowledgable and need it for your horse to perform, so be it. As long as you don't wear Spurs and a strong bit together.....that doesn't make any sense😱
I don't agree with them, I think if you can't get your horse doing what you want doing without strong bits and spurs then you need to take a step back and re-evaluate your relationship with your horse.🐴 But that's just my opinion 😊