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Any advice for catching a horse that's hard to catch?

Any advice for catching a horse that's hard to catch?
treats and hid halter behind yours back.
Take some treats with you
Walk toward their shoulders and not fron the front or behind. If you come from the front or back your horse will think that you are chasing them. Also, hide the halter behind you so that your horse thinks that you are not going to catch him/her. Hope this helps this was just what I learned from past experiences!
I just used treats and whenever she comes up to me I give her a treat. Now she walks up to me whenever I go to catch her.
Well, you could give the horse treats when he comes up to you. But once you do catch him it's important that you join up with him. When you join up with a horse he usually follows you everywhere and he trusts you. I know people at my barn that join up with their horses all the time.
I've found to get a handful of feed or treats!
I would actually not chase or drive them away. They turn it into a game and you're telling them to do what you don't want them to do. My mare likes to be a brat sometimes. Walk in nonchalantly, halter on your shoulder, and approach him where he can see you. Also talk calmly. If he takes off, just walk after him. Don't hurl the halter at him or stomp your feet, just calmly walk and repeat the process. Now if you run, you'll tire out quicker. So just walk after her and repeat.
Move their feet.

My mare used to be pretty hard to catch, especially when her buddies were out with her. When she'd run off or turn away, I'd say "Of course, you can go over there! But it'll be hard work!" by actually making her run off and making it my idea that she must run off.

Remember to make the "wrong thing hard and the right thing easy!"
After some time she figured out that it was much easier for her to look at me and walk over to me rather than running off towards her buddies, since running off meant losing weight and doing more work!

If she runs off anyway without you telling her to, put pressure on her to make her run faster. She'll figure out that looking at you and standing like a saint is much easier than giving herself exercise!

Make sure that when she does eventually look at you or come walking towards you in the field, back away and create a 'draw'. This is your way of inviting the horse into your space.
Depending on your horse this method may take a while, but it worked a dream for me!