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What does "in front of the legs" mean ?

What does "in front of the legs" mean ?
Hi Mikaela,
I think many people have different meanings to what 'in front of the leg' actually means, but I think one thing we can all agree on is that the horse will keep moving by himself without constant reminders from your leg. Also a horse that is in front of your leg will be quick and responsive to your leg aids without getting fast and flat, so they usually gain more elevation rather than just running forward and they seek a contact. When they're in front of your leg, your leg has direct control to the hind end so when you tap him up, his hind legs will be quicker and sharper rather than getting long and on the forehand. But the horse also accepts your leg, they don't jut try to run from it or evade and sit against it, so they feel soft, mobile and feel like they banana around your legs so it easier to let your legs hang . Here's a more in depth article :

Hope this helps :)
It means that the horse is moving forward freely and is not plodding along or sucking back