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Do you have any advice to fill in the top line of a horse ? Thanks in advance!

Do you have any advice to fill in the top line of a horse ? Thanks in advance!
Cavaletties are great too!
Long and Low.
Make the reins really long and then spread your hands as far as you can
Pretend your reins are like 2 sticks connected to the bit
The idea is to get your horse to bring his head out and bring his nose under his knees.
Start this at the walk and then the trot.
Once you start this at the trot begin to only shorten the OUTSIDE rein while on a circle and place it on the withers. And keep your inside rein loose, it doesn't nothing. And use all leg.
You can do this over trot poles as well.
Make sure you sit up very straight with confidence and have a lot of leg.

If this is confusing let me know and I can explain it better if needed! It helps a lot and it also helps with the horses footing and gravity.

Be patience cause this moves the center of gravity forward to where it should be and many horses aren't used to it, be patient and give a lot of praise!

It helps so much!
lots of stretching and lunge with side reins
cavaletti/pole work(ground or raised), hill work (up, down and across), transitional work, ground strength and stretching exercises, lengthening and shorting the stride at a trot and LOTS lateral work and figure 8's! Good Luck and remember it takes time
Hillwork, stretching long and low and try putting him on a Hygain feed, such as Showtorque which has everything your horse needs to build a top line 😁
Feed him low gi and get him working in frame and power from the hindquarters
Ground poles, hill work
Hill work