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Any tips for a first horse?

Any tips for a first horse?
Make sure that you know what you're after, such as a project, show jumper or a schoolmaster. Make sure your experience matches your own needs as well as your horse's needs. It'd be a bad decision to want to go out and compete with a forward going, experienced horse and you went for an inexperienced, heavy kick along plod.
Like Laura says, ask as many questions as you need! Especially ask for vetting history, any known vices, physical issues and the horse's education.
Of course, it isn't exactly essential to ride the horse you're after, but it definitely helps to see if the horse can adapt to your style of riding and that he understands what you're asking of him.
If you do end up buying chosen horse, the worst thing you can do is hop right on him in a new environment unless he's a perfect, bombproof, trusty steed. Allow him to settle in his new home and gain new friendships with other horses. Rushing a new horse will result in him having anxiety.
Groundwork is essential to earn their respect and trust, so I'd definitely focus on this for a few days or weeks before even getting on him.
Stay calm and trust your equine sense if you think something is wrong call the vet.
Trust your instinct! And when you've bought it, give yourself time ( months!) to get used to one another.
Ask the owners of the horse u are interested in to leave the horse in it field, that way you can see if the horse is good to catch
Definitely get a negative coggins. Take your gear and test drive. Also google what to look for (easier than trying to explain). Best wishes in finding your dream horse!
Well when buying, make sure to ask as many questions as possible. Try and write a list of important things to know.