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What are the best treats to give your horse?

What are the best treats to give your horse?
Nicker Makers! You can get a whole feed size bad at tractor supply!
Peppermints and Willie muffins are my personal favorites. My new horse is very picky but loves manna pro treats. My friend's horse loves oatmeal cream pies but I do not recommend I don't think they are very healthy🌚
My horses are obsessed with the Manna Pro treats, I think I spelt that right. They're favorites are peppermint, butterscotch, and Apple
I make my own treats
Are you looking for healthy treats or general treats?
My horses love stud muffins!!
Home made treats are really good. I like salt licks because they are getting minerals and it makes them want to drink
My horse loves mrs. Pastures cookies and paddock cakes
I would go with homemade treats! with homemade treats you know what goes into them and what your horse likes can be incorporated!