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Best shampoo for keeping a white horse white?

Best shampoo for keeping a white horse white?
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Hi pheobe,
I've been in New Zealand for a year and i discovered the best shampoo ever for white horses ! I'm very impressed. It's called "Naturally white" you can find it on this web site™-Equestrian-Products/
You can see more photos on the Facebook page. if you want. Hope it's going to be helpful for you :)
Don't ask me why or how I learned this but ketchup also works, especially for those yellow pee stains 😂💪🏻
Cowboy Magic products are very effective and at a reasonable price.
Quicksilver! Its specifically for white and grey horses. I used to use it for a show horse whom was white. Works very well!
I dont know what its called but its purple shampoo and it works amazingly!!!! I used it on my old horse and he always glowed when he wore it, I also had to use it because he was allergic to the other kinds of shampoo 😂😁
Hello Phoebe,
I personally use the @ravene shampoo Easy shine grey. It smells good and really helps removing yellow stains from the horse coat. It leaves the hairs very soft to the touch.
I've also heard good things about the gallop shampoo for grey horses.
Hope it answers your question :)