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How to break in leather fast?

How to break in leather fast?
If they are boots then wear them around the house (even when you arnt doing anything much but walking around)
Saddles. Oil and work the leather for a week before you even sit in it. Take a rolling pin to the seat, roll the leather up into itself and making sure the leather is nice and soft. Makes it a lot easier to break in riding
If you're talking about boots, condition them often and wear them as much as you can. You can also put hydrogen peroxide on the insides to speed up the process. If it's like a saddle, all you can really do is oil and condition it and ride in it as often as possible :)
wear them around your house and anywhere else you can
Oil and conditioner to soften it, and wear it as much as possible
The more you wear it, the faster it'll break in! If it's something like boots I would suggest wearing them around he house etc