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Do you know any good horse books to read? 💕🦄🐎💗📚

Do you know any good horse books to read? 💕🦄🐎💗📚
the one dollar horse is really good but my absolute favourite horse book has got to be blind beauty. Hope this was useful.
I loved the Scorpio Races
Black Beauty
The Perfect Horse its about rescuing the Spanish Riding School horses during world war II for children : Misty of Chincoteague, Sea Star Orphan of Chincoteague, Stormy, Misty's foal, Born to Trot, King of the Wind, Seabiscuit
Well its pretty easy but my all time favorite series is Canterwood Creast
The A Circuit and War Horse
Thanks so much 😁
War horse, the eighty dollar champion, canterwood crest, and my cousin wrote a book called "sweet feed" it says such a great book!
Ok thanks so much 😂😂💕@Ebony_Lavell
Depends what age you are! But I absolutely loved the "totally horse mad" series when I was younger. And for a teenager my favourite book is brumby's run by Jennifer Scoullar. The silver brumbies a great one as well! Oh and unicorn magic 😅
The star of shadow brook farm!!Also canterwood crest is an amazing one too!!
SO recommend canterwood crest! Favorite series of all time😉
The Eighty Dollar Champion
Catch Rider
Canterwood Crest Series
The Eighty Dollar Champion(it's a real story)
Gabriel's Horses(this is the 1st book out of 3)
Wild Girl
Dark horse
The horse diaries series is great!
The A Circuit
I read Scorpio Races a few years ago… and it was really nice! I could tell you some titles in Spanish but I'm not sure if you'll find them in English :c