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Do people wear gloves while riding during the summer ?

Do people wear gloves while riding during the summer ?
I do, otherwise I get blistered! Plus it gives me a better grip
Hey Michelle,

I usually always ride with gloves! They give me a little extra grip and put up a barrier between my skin and the reins. You can get some nasty blisters and tear your hands up pretty badly is you are working hard without them. However, if you are gust going for a light hack or trail ride and it's super warm out, wearing gloves isn't such a big deal.
I mostly wear gloves but sometimes I don't to see how much contact I have. If my hands hurt I use to much contact, if they don't I'm ok.
I do when I work racehorses or any thing else other than hacking!
Hi Michelle,
I always do because most of my horses are pretty strong and if I don't then I will get blisters on my hands. If you are not competing and you don't have to. If you have a strong horse so would always wear them. I like to regardless cause I think it looks better and the gloves are grippy which helps avoid when your reins slip.
I do, to avoid getting blisters and to have a better grip.
I do . Mine are very breathable so I wear them year round
I could not live without my gloves
I always use them. Holding reins without gloves is blister-central for me!
Only if I'm going for a long rode
Yes, i always use them because i personally don't like the feel of the reins with my bare hands and i feel i have better grip with gloves
Hi Michelle,
I always use gloves. During the summer my hands sweat a lot, but it depends of the fabric they are made of.
There are lots of brands which are selling summer gloves made with thinner and cooler materials. :)
I do because my horse pulls and I don't like getting blisters
Yes I wear thin ones though they help with grip
Yes, I am from Florida and it's practically summer weather all year long and I always wear my gloves to ride to have a better grip
Yea I always wear my gloves when I ride
I do, but it really depends on what you're doing:)
I always ride with gloves because the horse I ride likes to throw his head so the gloves add some traction :)
For me, it depends if it's super hot out or not, the horse I'm riding, or if it's a show.