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What are some good hoof oils and ointments?

What are some good hoof oils and ointments?
Farriers formula! I think that is what it's called. I can't remember. I know it starts with farrier
Try to mix the coconut and olive oil
Rain maker is what my farrier and I use so its got to be pretty good.
I use absorbine, but i've heard Farrier's Fix is the best one out there (i just haven't found it yet lol)
I also have the feebings and can recommend it, Absorbine and Carr, Day & Martin have good stuff as well. It really depends on your horse's hooves, are they dry and cracked or soft and crumbly, do you have problems with thrush or why do you want to use a hoof product?
feblings hoof oil is what i have and i love it!! it is in a yellow can