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What are some exercises to improve my leg strength?

What are some exercises to improve my leg strength?
Get an excercise ball and squeeze with your legs as hard as you can while stunting on it. My old horse Sam used to be like that and my legs weren’t strong enough to keep him going so I tried this technique and it worked.

Hope it works for you
Run forest - Run forest 🏃🏼💨
My trainer had me start doing calf raises and squats every night. I have really noticed a difference in the few months I have been doing it. To make it harder for yourself do the calf raises on the stairs with your heels hanging off (if that makes any sense)
I'll try those!
I know this might sound a little childish but I always start out with marching steps (bending your legs) jumping jacks (literally Doug jumping jacks on a horse but not with your hands) and biking steps (acting as if you're on a bike) and then I take my feet out of my stirrups and two point while in a trot
Yoga and swimming
To improve your leg strength practice going from your 2 point seat back to a normal trot position over a trot pole😊