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What can I do for a horse that is spooky about fly spray ?

What can I do for a horse that is spooky about fly spray ?
my horse was absolutely petrified of fly spray. i got some apples and held one out while I held the spray bottle and sprayed away from him into the air . I gave him an apple splice I did this for awhile and then sprayed lightly onto his legs. over time he's gotten better
I tend to spray it on a brush and then brush it into their coat.
put water into a bottle and worked with him for a couple days, he should get used
Hi hannah,
My mare is also spooky about fly spray. What I personally do is start from the legs and go up. I spray it quite far so she gets used to it and little by little I spray it nearer. After I give her sone treats and lots of pats.

Hope this help, stephanie
For my horses that are scared of fly spray I tend to spray it onto a cloth and rub it on
Start from the legs or start spraying it into the air to help him get used to the noise
You can get fly gel and roll on fly repellent as well :)
You can put your product in a sponge and then aplyit