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How do you find a good distance every time?

How do you find a good distance every time?
Hi, i dont. Nobody always finds the perfect distance. I just try to work with poles at home and for example in a line 21m i try to do it with 5 strides, then 6, 4,7 etc! Thats how i learned to control my distances better. Give it a try, maybe it works for you, as it did for me! xx
Count: "One,Two" in your head to help make sure your rythim is even. Also make sure you have a good pase!!
I always count 3,2,1 in my head for poles and jumps when I'm on a horse or on the ground watching. The more you do it the easier it gets!
Love what Lauren sug
Hi Spencer,
I think the most important is not "finding" a good distance but to have the good canter. If you have the good canter and your reins in connection with your horse's mouth, it will be a lot easier to have the good distance.
At home you can do some flat work to prepare jumping session by making sure you can make your horse do smaller strides and larger ones. Pole work can also helps with that.
Hope this helps!
Count 1/2 before every jump so you know if you need more canter or less canter to find the perfect gap to the jump!
Practice first with changing the number of strides between two poles on the ground until you get so bored with it that it becomes easy 😁 When you know how big the strides of your horse are it will get easier to see the distance to a jump.
You can keep your eyes fixed in the take-off point. Normally that helps a lot
It will come over time don't over think it
It's something you keep developing with practice eye distance coordination
Know how big or small your horses stride is. Practice reading into the jump how many of your horses strides it will take. Pick out your "take off point" as soon as possible. If you're coming off of another jump look into your next jump rather than down.