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Any good bonding exercises besides grooming?

Any good bonding exercises besides grooming?
Free lunging and just messing around with it loose in the arena. It has really worked with my horse. And giving pleanty of treats in the process doesn't hurt ;)
What I do to bond with my horse better is to just sit in the pasture with her and groom her and braid her name and tail. Any interaction
Take a walk around with you horse
I find hacking out to be good bonding time ☺️
Tag or just sit in there pasture you can also free lunge in a round pen or do a photo shoot
Liberty is a great binding exercise! Your horse will learn to recognize your voice and listen to it, as well as teaching them to follow your body signals. Liberty also helps you and your horse improve as a team and will help you ride better and more in sync!
It is great fun to teach them tricks like smiling, kissing or even pawing. It can also be very relaxing to just sit in their paddocks or stalls with them and get to know them outside of the riding enviroment.
Join up. Its basically free lunging your horse, free lunge you horse for about 10 minutes each side and then turn your back on your horse and they should walk up to you without your cues.
Desensitization it teaches the horse to respect you. While still giving you time together on the ground. Also a great trust builder.