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What is your grooming routine?

What is your grooming routine?
Before ride

1. Curry comb
2. Brush
3. Brush and detangle main and tail
4. Hoof pick

After ride

I just rinse her off if the day is really hot.
Curry comb (if rly muddy)
Hard brush
Soft brush
Brush mane and tail
Pick hooves
Face brush

Then after I ride:
Pick hooves
Hard brush (for sweat usually)
If I'm just hacking or riding that day(in the summer) I will just go over with a hard brush, soft brush, and pick hooves
1 .curry comb
2. hard brush
3. sleek EZ
4. flick brush
5. soft brush
5. face brush
6. pick hooves
7. brush mane and tail

then after I ride I use my curry and hard brush for sweat and where the saddle was (or hose of if needed) and sometimes hoof oil!
before a ride
1. sleek EZ (if needed)
2. curry
3. hard brush
4. brush mane then tail
5. pick hooves
6. soft brush

after a ride
1. pick hooves
2. hoof oil
3. curry sweat out