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Tips for sitting the trot?

Tips for sitting the trot?
Relax, keep your back straight, and pull your hips back anx put pressure in them to keep you sitting. After a lot of practice it becomes easy and you'll find how to comfortably sit it!
Squeeze with your knees and try and move with your horse. Stay relaxed, but still have a good posture.
@avajuliette thank you so much
Sitting trot can be tricky until you get used to it. I find it helps if you really sit down in the saddle and move with your horse. An excersize you can try if you feel comfortable is doing a nice slow trot with your feet out of the stirrups. And also remember your basics like sitting up straight and keeping your heels down! Trust me it helps :). Hope this Helps!!❤️
I absolutely hate the sitting trot as it is really by my but you get used to it. I would say that your sitting trot is easier without stirrups and it will make you stronger if you ever jump. One thing that I learned when I started to sit the trot is not to tense up your butt i know that is weird but keep your legs tight and loosen up your butt and relax
Do it a lot. Your body figures it out eventually.
I like to do a slow trot. No stirrup work and leaning back helps a lot
Without stirrups that's it
No stirrups is definitely the best!! It makes you stronger and helps you engage your seat. Posting without stirrups and cantering is a good leg work out and will help you a lot:)
Get your hose really balanced so he will go slower and smoother
Riding without stirrups, opening your hip angle (rolling on your butt bone). What I do it swing my hip slightly forward as the same side of the horse's leg goes forward - I don't know if that is correct but it helps me sit the trot :)
@happysequine thank you ☺️
roll your hips under as if you were sitting on pockets of jeans. also, practicing without stirrups is super helpful.