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How do you organize your training program during the week?

How do you organize your training program during the week?
I agree with Mark but if it will help you can make a little chart or program. You can search it up.
Here is a example of a week with a horse that competed on saturday on sunday and went back home on sunday night :

Monday : light flatwork with a lot of stretching and a long walk out
Tuesday : flatwork focused on the canter quality (work with poles)
Wednesday : gymnastic line with bounces and V poles
Thursday : lunge in the morning and a ride out in the afternoon
Friday : jumping session focused on double and triple combination (the horse has some troubles with them)
Saturday : complete flat work session
Sunday : day-off in the field
Hello Molly,

First, it depends on the week. If I have a show at the end, my program is slightly different from a week with no show.

When I have a show, I usually don't jump during the week except for a horse that I had trouble with at a previous show. The tipical pre-show week contains at least two days of flat work with a lot of stretching and canter work. Usually we have a ride outside to keep the horses happy and fresh and we lunge them before travelling to the show.

When I don't have a show, I like to have 3 or 4 days of flat work shared during the week. I will have one gymnastic session with pole work, cavaletti lines and everything to work the horse's style and technique. Next, I will either have a jumping session or a walk out, depending on the horses. Mature and experienced horse usually don't need to jump but young horses do.
Then the remaining day, the horses have a day off out in the field if the weather allow it.

Everything must be organised around the horse's wellness, shape and mental health.

Hope this helps!