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What are the pros and cons about Ogilivy?

What are the pros and cons about Ogilivy?
I have a 1" ogilvy and I love it. It really helps saddle fit and is great for horses that have sensitive backs. I was worried that it would disconnect me too much with my horse and that I'd struggle with feeling a contact through my seat because of the thickness but this honestly isn't a problem. The quality and durability hold up really well and they allow my horse to work through his back so comfortably I'd say it's definitely worth it
I love it it is quite squisy but your saddle fits soo good and it's so comply. My horse has listened soo much
I agree with what Ping Ryan said! I use both the gummy and memory foam half pad and love both of them!
i have an ogilvy. i have the gummy & the memory foam 1". i love both of them. however, an con to the memory foam one is the thickness, it sometimes gets in the way and destroys the close contact feel that i love. the thickness also makes my horse prone to wayyyyy more sweat. but, the foam has great shock absorption and when landing from the jumps i feel like
i'm landing on a cloud. but i definitely like my gummy half pad more. its thinner, is lighter on my horses back, but has the same shock absorption. it costs a bit more but is soooo worth it.

i also have the ogilvy baby pads...theyre great and really customizable which i love! they definitely help the sweat and are great in the washer.

good luck on your ogilvy search!!!