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What are some good jumping saddles brands?

What are some good jumping saddles brands?
I lovee CWD!!
I love my Selleria Equipe, the leather is so soft and geninue without the crazy price tag, the leather is also extremely grippy and you can certainly feel the difference. You can buy the base model saddle that feels just as good as those high priced ones and gives you great value for money. It makes my position feel much more safe and secure and I now couldn't see myself riding in anything else.
Antares and CWD are my favorite
Tekna's saddles are an absolute steal for the price.
I think more than the brand - its the fit for your horse and you...that said - I love my Childeric! I have ridden in CWD and Devacoux and many "lesser" bands price wise, excellent care will help you maintain your tack for years and years!
M Toulouse
It depends on how much you want to spend. On the cheaper side I would say a Thorowgood or a Hastlow. On the more expensive side I would say a Devacoux or a CWD.
Pessoa and CWD
butet or cwd
CWD, Voltaire, Butet, antares
BUTET !!!! It's à french brand that is top 😍👌
My favourites are CWD and Stübben.
Prestige or selleria de Garda ❤️❤️
My personal favourites are Amerigo, Prestige, Equiline, Antarés and Bruno Delgrange :)