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Why are people so backwards towards ex racehorses?

Why are people so backwards towards ex racehorses?
Thank you just thought I would ask as someone wished me luck with mine n said shes be useless unless used as. Brood mare she doesn't have any injuries just came up stiff as her rear right knee couldn't handle the galloping 6 days a week at the yard and they didny want to race her as they didn't want to risk actual injury to her
*thourobreeds are hardeez
Because ex racehorse who are not in the track means two things:
- horse isn't that good enough so they took him from the ring
- horse has an injury so they took him out of the races
-race horse doesn't have long athletic life because they run him from 2 years old as suppose to three

So mainly ex racehorses are mistreated and over used! However u can't generalize about a horse or about trainers. Throubreeds
Idk I think it takes the right match up my trainer has an OTTB and he's a great dressage horse
Race horses make good barrel racing horses.